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About Us


About Your Colombian Coffee

We started our little coffee business after our love of coffee took us to many tastings around the world. Our family also owns a coffee plantation in Colombia, so it was always a natural fit. We have found a number of beans we adore and after many (many many! 🙂 ) years we decided that we should share these flavours we love with the world.

We are not just Coffee lovers. We also run two schools where we help people learn many different languages. Our schools are based in Envigado (near Medellin, Colombia) and in Poland. In them, we help people mainly with English and Spanish. This has been a labour of love of ours for almost 10 years now and we continue to help people with their language skills daily.

What makes our blends unique is that we have completely different tastes for coffee. Robinson loves a stronger blend and I, Ewa, love a softer smoother, fruitier texture. This gives us a perfectly combined palette to ensure the flavours that reach you are filled with a beautiful and smooth richness 

Along with this, we sell pure Colombian coffee beans straight from our family-owned plantation to your home. This means you get the best and freshest taste possible. 

We have tried coffees at different altitudes, in different countries, climates, environments, etc. With all this experience we believe we have created perfect blends for you to try and enjoy at Your Colombian Coffee shop.

Check out our latest coffee blends and enjoy the beautiful, rich flavours of our Colombian Coffee beans in the comfort of your own home.
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