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kwiecień 2022

Few places are known for their coffee like Colombia, the land of Juan Valdez. Colombia is a large country full of diverse landscapes, from rainforests to mountain peaks, two coasts, and everything in between. And as the soil changes, so do much of the climate, harvest time, and more. Because of this, not all Colombian beans are the same. Colombian Coffee Essentials There are approximately 915,000 hectares of coffee farms located across 5 main

Coffee has recently become one of the most consumed beverages in the world. For this reason, its elaboration process has been modernized and improved to make it an exquisite product. Depending on various factors, coffee can be broadly categorized as premium or commercial. The latter is the most demanded among baristas and lovers of this delicious beverage. In the last few years, the number of people who want a coffee with the

Along almost 3,000 kilometers of inter-Andean valleys, from the extreme south to the extreme north of Colombia, live the 540,000 coffee-growing families in the coffee-growing regions of the country. The vast majority live on small farms or plots of land whose coffee crops, on average, do not exceed 2 hectares. The character Juan Valdez is a perfect representation of Colombian coffee growers: cheerful human beings that are concerned about maintaining a relationship of

The National Federation of Coffee Growers is an organization that has represented coffee growers nationally and internationally since 1927 and is largely responsible for the success of its products around the world. In 1959 they had the great idea of creating a character that would represent the 500,000+ Colombian coffee farmers by symbolizing tenacity and work philosophy, thus Juan Valdez was born. The advertising agency Doyle Dane Bernbach was in charge of designing

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